Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Holy Tree!!

I'm actually in awe of this kind of reminds me of a snow globe...the idea that something so out of place fits perfectly in a little globe, or in this case a church. Actually this project is very fitting to be in an abandonned church, not only because faith, like nature, is something that most of us neglect and don't treat with as much respect as we probably should, and also because this signifies a rebirth; the tree has a new purpose of art and inspiration which is what the church is supposed to do for people. I think the beauty really comes in the dichotomy between old and new again. The crackling, reminiscent paint and decoration on the wall against the bright, new life of the tree is intriguing.
Probably the best part of this project is the community involvement- watering, trimming, cleaning...all necessary for this piece to work. Hands-on..always the best way to learn and appreciate.

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