Sunday, March 14, 2010

Boat House Project

Some attempts at modeling my ideas in 3D. Struggling with trying to develop
a concept that I think will take me through the rest of the project.
I enjoy the idea of what I've started but there may be too many dimensions.

The heights show the height of the occupants, or in the case of the living space the
multitude of heights built upon one another, also this shows progression from living
to the play space(in this case) and the open or closed sides of each segment shows either
movement-open or fixed-closed nature of the activity that occurs in that space.

The progression of spaces show left to right is, living, driving, running, sitting,
and then playing. That is what I have as of right now. I think the next attempt may need
to include far less factors to be successful because I see this as flawed.

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