Friday, March 26, 2010

Boat House Site Analysis Model

Although the photos are in reverse order.....this model represents the height of persons occupying spaces of the esplanade with different uses. The solidness/or void of each element reflects if person using the space is moving or still and the directional point or lack there of shows the direction of movement. Each piece stands alone, but can be pushed together to create the whole site. From Left to right there is the living space, only has the possibility of movement upward so the top is void, then vehicular traffic on storrow drive in which the users are relatively low to the ground and the triangles indicate movement in both directions, next a jogging path in which users are slightly taller than the vehicles beside them and are also moving in both directions, followed by sitting space that is relative in height to a car and is solid to reflect no movement, then the play space which is the shortest to reflect use by children and points in many directions to indicate irratic play and not a straight path as in jogging, followed again by jogging that switches to mainly a single direction, then sitting space again, another jogging path again one directional, and lastly the rocks that lead down to the water which are solid because they are rarely used.

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