Sunday, April 18, 2010

Concept Diagrams

These diagrams show my two concepts extracted from the site that I am employing in my boat house. Firstly: Public space and private space are separated vertically due to the need to engage directly with the space. Tourists and travellers do not need to interact with the site because their main functions are siteseeing, and passing by, whereas the users of the space such as runners and families require the space directly to perform their activities.
Secondly: The site has boundaries developed out of use of space that discintegrate and become implied the further you get from the city toward the site and the river, and my boat house reflects this in its construction. The outer wall creates a barrier that clearly signifies that it is a separate space for specific use and once inside the space the barriers become less and less obvious or constricting and allow for a visual connection of space as in the site. The public will interact with the building just as in the site where they are forced to interact with the site in a manner adjacent to the flow of use by the rowers (like crossing the bridge that is divergent from the flow of use of the site below).

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