Tuesday, April 6, 2010

For this week I really tried to get a grip on what I knew about the site and what I thought it was about. I came to the decision that it is really about a defined activity, with a specific direction, and implied boundaries. I think that the mutual respect for others activities and movement within the space really define it.
For the boat house I do feel it's necessary to be located on the shore line (most practically, but I guess it could be floating in the air) so as to not interfere with any other activity. I want my boat house to really interact with the idea of a specialized motion that gives the space a purpose.
In some of my sketching I explored the idea of glass symbolizing an implied boundary, the idea that private space is actually defined by the activity (running/sitting/walking can all be private and can be done in their respective spaces, however they can also be a public or group activity). So with this, public and private space completely adapts to the user.
Boundaries allow for the distinct directions of movement without allowing for the error of collision. This is also something I want to consider in my models.

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