Saturday, April 24, 2010

Placement & Planning

These sketches are really trying to get at the placement and layout of the boathouse.
The first few are to attend to the issues I was having about placement. My analysis of the initial site stated that each area of the site is designated for a specific use- movement, pace and direction. So from my analysis and sketches I believe strongly that placing the boathouse physically in the middle of this site, displaces these uses which completely goes against the ingetrity of the site in my opinion. In the later sketches I am really trying to work out program within the building. I want to keep the extremely elongated shape however I need to ingetrate the public spaces into the form. Placing them on the second level seems to go against this idea of long, low form, so I tried to connect it to the boat house on the first level by either placing it slightly before to allow for direct access or at the far end of the boathouse to make the user interact with the building and really feel the elongation of the building.
I really like the idea of using light in my building as a way-finder or to direct circulation. I think that light diagrams will be very helpful in showing this idea of linearity in the site.
I think really committing to placement on the site is integral and following up with a clear understanding of the site in my methods of planning will help to solidify my work.

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