Saturday, April 17, 2010


Soooo this week for class I really tried to work on conveying my analysis in my actual designs. I really focused on the progression of activities in the space as the layout based on my earlier planning studies. I wanted to mimic the linearity of the site in the exterior of the building being long and running along the shoreline.
I also like the that the elongated interior and hallways reflects in the over 200 foot exterior, which I think only emphasizes my ideas. Also interaction with the building is clearly extended due to this which I is like the site also in that most of the uses exist beside one another for almost the duration of the site.
I think this building fits in the site well in this position because it has a relationship with one of the other interruptions in the site, the park.
The progression is that you enter the building by a small landing just barely touching the shore, public traffic keeps to the right in the wide open space and continue up to the second level where the top of the dock becomes the observation area and there is a semi-enclosed gathering space tangent to that, the private team space continues from the platform in narrow halls that force privacy and introspection before a meet or a practice. The first hall leads directly to the dock, the directly to the team meeting room which includes a live in kitchen for events or team dinners, the third hall leads to the mens lockers and the fourth to the womens lockers. The lockers connect to the meeting room directly through a small passage behind both, and the meeting area connects directly to the dock.

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